The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together as reporting goes digital and Internet companies become media empires. Journalists call themselves “hacks,” someone who can churn out words in any situation. Hackers use the digital equivalent of duct tape to whip out code. Hacker-journalists try and bridge the two worlds. This community is to bring all these people together — those who are working to help

The global network is organized into chapters (groups) by cities for the purpose of bringing together the hacks and hackers who share these values ​​and goals, but also the same ground. Each chapter (local group) is for hackers exploring technologies to filter and visualize information, and for journalists who use technology to find and tell stories. In the age of information overload, all their work has become even more crucial. Each group aims to help members find inspiration and think in new directions, bringing together potential collaborators for projects and new ventures. Please also check out our global blog and help us build the future of media!

Hacks/Hackers networks has been growing through latin America last three years, and his emerging community is taking leadership in the process of media innovation.

With a regional network of around 5000 members, Hacks/Hackers chapters through America latine is becoming a hub for innovation, openness, mentorship and trainers.


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